If you are looking for a removal company Kent has loads to offer.


In fact, the sheer number of removal companies Kent has can make choosing one a pretty difficult task.

After all, many people haven’t gone through the process of moving house before. So, in order to help you pick, we’ve come up with this brief guide on what to look for in a removal company, so you can concentrate on moving house, not picking the company…



It would be totally wrong of us not to say that price pays a major role in which removal company someone chooses – after all, moving house is an expensive business, so saving some money is understandable. We would like to urge a note of caution though: don’t automatically take the lowest quote, as there is often a reason it’s so low. Look at what they offer in return for your money, and get some feedback from others who have used them.


Equipment & Staff

Is the company using purpose built removals vehicles that are fully licensed ? Are the vehicles equipped with load restraints, protection blankets and sack barrows? With regards to the staff, are they in uniform and do they hold any qualifications? Have the staff sat an induction course and been taught basic manual handling? These are all questions you should not be afraid to ask and will assist you in gauging the professionalism of the company concerned.



The best way to know whether a removal company is good is via word of mouth. If you’ve had friends or family move house, find out about their experience with their removal company and whether they’d recommend them. We know that if you ask any of our customers they’d recommend our services to everyone! That’s because we know we’re the most well-respected removal company Kent has to offer!