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Further Information on Moving to Kuwait


Situated on the north west shore of the Persian Gulf, Kuwait is perhaps most famous for being invaded immediately prior to the first Gulf War in 1990 and for being an oil supplier like most of the other countries in this part of the world. The country itself is relatively small, it only covers an area of 6,880 square miles, and with a population of just over 3 million there will certainly never be the sense of the country being overcrowded, but what does it have to offer in the way of culture, lifestyle, and its climate?


With regard to the climate, clearly it will be heavily influenced by the Arabian Desert that covers the vast majority of the country so clearly it has a desert climate, which means it is always very hot and dry. For the average daytime temperatures you can expect it to vary between 42c to 46c during the summer whilst it does drop to a much cooler average during the winter with it ranging from 15c to 20c. During the summer you do also get some relief from the heat, but not much, as the temperature will tend to fluctuate between 24c to 29c. Rainfall in this particular climate is very rare with it generally averaging between 75mm to 150mm in a single year and you only have to compare that to the average rainfall in the north east of the United States where it tends to be approximately 720mm a year.


When it comes to the culture, then perhaps the first thing that has to be mentioned is that there is no alcohol in the country and this does mean that there are no bars of nightclubs to speak of. This is of course due to religious reasons and this is recurring theme that you will come across during your stay there. However, even though there are no bars in Kuwait the people there do love to have parties, eat out, go to the cinema, visit cafes, and of course they love to shop and there are a number of boutique stores and malls that must be visited.

Kuwaiti culture also stresses the importance of hospitality and they are also very generous people, but do be aware that they expect you to have impeccable manners in return as well. When it comes to greeting they will often shake hands and kiss on the cheeks, unless it is a woman that is unknown to them when a handshake will suffice.
The average lifestyle in Kuwait is one that is dictated by religious matters so you will find people going to prayers five times a day, but this does also help with them being respectful to others as well. There is a sense of money in the air, but not as much as you would experience in the likes of Dubai, but do expect there to be some signs of the wealth that has been created by the oil industry as you check out the country.

Kuwait is, therefore, a desert country situated in the Arabian Gulf that is Muslim, is a major oil producer, and has temperatures that are, on average, higher than you will tend to get in a number of countries. The laws in the country are relatively strict, but as long as you are respectful about their culture and tradition, then you will have no problems there during your stay and you will certainly feel quite safe as you explore Kuwait.

Transit time to Kuwait is normally between 6-8 weeks depending on sole use or shared container, we offer express solutions via airfreight for essential items if required.

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