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Removals to Spain with Removals Finder providing assistance in finding a complete cost effective moving service to Spain.

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We will place you in contact with highly experienced removal companies with local knowledge throughout Spain and well versed in International removals.

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Living In Spain

Most people who have spent several holidays in Spain have fallen in love with the place. Some tend to visit here more often while the others choose to get their own property.

Spain is such a lovely and beautiful place that it is impossible not to get attracted to the prospect of living here. This is a place where you can settle down and call home. It wouldn’t be that easy to move to Spain if you don’t get the right moving service. Removals Finder will help you find the perfect and cost effective removals company for your household effects.

There is a reason why Expats live in spain. Daring modern architecture; amazing regional diversity; sophisticated cities; postcard beaches; fantastic weather; a sleepy countryside festooned with citrus and olive groves; delicious seafood, potato tortilla, tapas, and paella; delectable sangria –all of this is Spain.

Helpful Links on Spanish News & Information

Helpful Links on Expats living in Spain


Weekly Removals To Spain

Weekly removals service to Spain and from Spain to the UK . Vehicles are available to collect and deliver to all Spanish and UK destinations. We can also arrange storage in the UK as well as the Costa Brava, Costa Blanca and the Costa Del Sol. All vehicles are purpose built and manned by highly trained and experienced staff offering a full door to door service including packing and unpacking where required.

Part Loads

Part load removals to Spain are no problem and we are  more than happy to relocate 1 box, 1 bike or maybe a car or motorcycle/Jet ski . We have been assisting with part load services to Spain for several years and can provide numerous testimonials from past clients who have taken advantage of the excellent and efficient services we offer. Dedicated services providing you with pre arranged delivery times or sole use of the vehicle can also be arranged.

Removal Costs

The cost will base the cost of moving on a few factors as outlined below;
  1. How fast do you want the move to happen.
  2. Will you require a packing service.
  3. Do you have difficult access.
  4. How much space your items will take up in the vehicle (calculated in cubic feet or metres)
  5. The level of insurance taken out.
You will recieve a detailed quote from the removal company based on the information provided.

Difficult access to your property

We can assist with difficult access in Spain by utilising our network of Spanish removals companies who can offer manpower, outside elevators and small vehicles for trans-shipment if required.


Moving your effects abroad

If you move to Spain as an EU citizen (or a national of Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, or Switzerland), you only need a valid passport or national identity card. An application for a NIE  (Número de Identificación de Extranjeros).

If you are contemplating buying or renting property, opening a bank account and working, you will need an NIE. To apply for the NIE , you need to go either to the national police department or to the Oficina de Extranjeros (Department of Foreigners) in your city of residence. The application process, which needs to be completed by both EU nationals and non-EU citizens, may take from one up to five weeks until you finally receive your NIE.

Non-EU citizens whose home country has a special agreement with Spain may move to Spain and live there without applying for a visa for up to 90 days. It is important to note that visas are never issued within Spain; so be sure to apply for a visa in your home country before moving to Spain if you are planning on staying longer than three months.

There are several different types of visas for Spain . Here is a brief overview for you to determine which one applies to you:

  • Visa de reagrupación familiar: This visa applies to people who are married or related (sibling, child under 18, parent) to a Spanish citizen.
  • Work visa: Please contact your employer when applying for a working visa, as you will need to supply an employment contract to the authorities.
  • Student visa: You must be enrolled in a school or a university, or in an exchange program in order to obtain a student visa. Students’ stays may exceed 90 days. If you apply for a student visa, you may simultaneously apply for visas for your spouse and children under 18.
  • Tourist visa: Non-EU citizens and foreign nationals whose country of origin does not have a special agreement with the Schengen countries need to apply for this visa if they intend to enter Spain. It is valid only up to 90 days.

In regards to not paying import duty in Spain as a UK citizen for customs clearance

You Will Need :

  • Copy of passports,
  • Proof of addresses also have to proved where they have lived for the last 12 months Spanish customs requires certificate of residence for the UK.
  • NIE number.
  • You personal effects have to be fully listed and individually valued.

Full assistance and required information for customs will be provided by the move co-ordinator prior to your relocation.


Public Holidays in Spain

National holidays in Spain

January 1New Year’s Day ( Año Nuevo )
MoveableGood Friday ( Viernes Santo )
May 1Labor Day ( Día del Trabajador )
August 15Assumption of Mary ( Asunción )
October 12Hispanic Day ( Columbus Day ) Día de la Hispanidad or Fiesta National de España, Spain’s national day
November 1All Saints Day ( Día de todos los Santos )
December 6Constitution Day ( Día de la Constitución )
December 8Immaculate Conception ( Inmaculada Concepción )
December 25Christmas Day ( Navidad )

Regional holidays in Spain
Days celebrating the culture of individual regions are celebrated on

February 26The Basque Country ( Aberri Eguna – Basque national day)
February 28Andalucía ( Día de Andalucía )
March 1The Balearic Islands ( Dia de les Illes Balears )
April 23Aragón ( Día de Aragón )
April 23Castile and León ( Día de Castilla y León )
May 2Madrid ( Fiesta de la Comunidad )
May 30The Canary Islands ( Día de las Canarias )
May 31Castile-La Mancha (Día de la Región Castilla-La Mancha)
June 9Murcia (Día de la Región de Murcia )
June 9La Rioja ( Día de La Rioja )
September 2city of Ceuta ( Día de Ceuta )
September 8Asturias ( Día de Asturias )
September 8Extremadura ( Día de Extremadura )
September 11Catalonia ( Festa Nacional de Catalunya )
October 9Valencia ( Día de la Comunitat Valenciana )

Restrictions on the movement of large lorries are often implemented in Spain on these days, as well as Sundays.


Information on Spain

Spain is one of the most well known holiday destinations in Europe and every summer millions of tourists flock to it in order to revel in its amazing historical sites, but also taste the passionate lifestyle the country is so well known for.

The Spanish Lifestyle

If you never been to Spain and plan on visiting it soon, you’ll be overjoyed when realizing that Spanish people are fun, loving and very open minded people are very sociable and always intent on enjoying the outdoors and the sun. Meeting someone on the street and spending a few minutes for some friendly chat is a regular site here. The people here also value spending a lot of time with their family and not doing so would seem very unnatural to them.

Compared to the rest of Europe, the Spanish way of life is a bit slower, especially if we’re talking about the Southern part of the Peninsula. Working hard is very important for Spanish people and they take this very seriously. Even though in the province you will still see the shops closed after lunch time, just for a few hours, in the bigger cities they are open all day long.

Spanish Culture

The Spanish culture is influenced by the Phoenician, Roman, North African, Greek and Muslim cultures and that is why it’s very mysterious, colorful and rich. Generally Spanish culture is known for the amazing beaches you can find here, bullfights, Flamenco music, dance and lots of sunshine. However, the country has way more to offer than this. It is for thousands of years one of the cultural centers of the European continent.

Spain’s National Cuisine

Even though many would expect Spain to have a national cuisine, there is no official food they welcome foreigners with. The country’s food tradition has a diverse ancestry, yet most of the dishes here have humble origins. However, Spain has a very diverse cuisine and pork is a very important dish in the Spanish menu. The locals don’t waste anything and it’s not rare that you will eat not one, but a few types of meat from the same dish.

On the other hand, Spanish ham is the most sought after food product which is not only consumed as tapas in bars, but it can also be present in many other dishes. Vegetables also play a vital role in Spanish food and they are present in many dishes.

The Geography of Spain

The country can be found in the S-W Europe on the Iberian Peninsula to the S of Andorra and France and to the E of Portugal. It has coastlines on the Mediterranean Sea and the Bay of Biscay. Spain’s capital is Madrid, a city spanning 604 square miles and inhabited by around 3,3 million people.

The Spanish Climate

There are 3 climatic zones which can be distinguished in Spain, numbering the Mediterranean climate which is characterized by wet and cool winters and warm and dry summers. Next, the oceanic climate is found in the N part of the country, especially in regions like Galicia, Cantabria, Asturias and Basque Country. Lastly, the semi-arid climate can be found in the S-E part of Spain, especially in the Ebro Valley and Murcia.

Boasting a lot of natural beauty, historical sites, but also a prosperous culture and friendly people, Spain is certainly one of the favourite destinations of many who want to experience what living in the heart of Europe really feels like.

Healthcare In Spain

Healthcare in Spain is second-to-none. Throughout the country, you can find exceptional hospitals and clinics, providing top-level medical care that is amongst the best in the world.

With the majority of medical services free to citizens, or heavily subsidised, it’s no surprise that Spanish life expectancy is one of the highest in Europe, with the population being supported through excellent medical care throughout their lives.

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, the quality of the healthcare system in Spain is truly commendable, making it a great destination for reliable medical services.

Schools In Spain

Schools in Spain are among the finest in the world. They offer students a well-rounded and comprehensive education which includes language learning, mathematics, science and social sciences.

Academically, Spanish schools are known for their rigorous standards and high expectations for their pupils.

They also offer a wide range of extracurricular activities such as music, sport and art classes, allowing students to develop self-expression, creativity and teamwork.

Additionally, many schools in Spain promote bilingual education and offer students the chance to take additional language instruction so they can be better equipped to tackle the world’s challenges with a global perspective.

With a diverse range of studies available and an ever-increasing number of schools popping up across the country, no matter what your educational needs may be, you’ll be sure to find the perfect one in Spain.

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