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What Does Removals Finder Do?

We apply our skills and expertise to matching you to the right office removals professional to help with your big relocation. Moving your office from place to place is a big job in itself, so finding the right removals specialist should be the easy part. But, the modern business owner is spoilt for options. The different office removals companies operating nationally and internationally work with different timing, organisations as well as storage, packing and transportation options.

Pre-planning and project management are essential for all commercial relocations, our list of UK companies are quality assured and ready to handle your move, they are fully aware that every customer and move are different. 

Our specialised services can help the modern business manager to avoid the time and energy researching removals companies looking for the right company for the job. Read on to learn more about the removals services you can expect when using Removals Finder for all your relocation needs. 

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What Can We Offer Your Company?

Whether you are moving a single person office down the street or an office building 500-strong across the planet, you’ll find the right team here.
We can help you find a fully licensed and certified British waste carrier to provide recycle and disposal services.
We offer fully insured removals companies with options to create bespoke policies to suit the needs of your business.
IT goods and equipment is especially valuable and fragile, here you can find removals companies with specialised services.
A coordinator can be assigned to your relocation to ensure that nothing is damaged or missing.
Find a company that offers full packing services, or just the materials to handle this task yourself.

How to find the right professionals for your relocation.

Just visit our online finder’s services with a clear perspective on your needs in a removals service. Take a minute to walk through our three step process and be presented with the best quotes on the market.

You can then expect your removals services to arrive on the day you have scheduled. They will work closely with your IT specialist to ensure the equipment is carefully packed and prepared for the relocation. Then, when you have arrived at your new location your removals service can help unpack. All waste created in the removals process can then be carted according to proper disposal guidelines.    

Why Choose Removals Finders for Your Business Relocation?

It can be hard to tell who to trust with the sheer gravity of your relocation. Count on us to connect you with a reliable office removals company that can take your office across the UK, Europe or the Globe.

We work with a directory of thousands of removals experts and sport a lengthy list of satisfied customers behind our back. Removals Finder can help you work out the most complex relocation process and connect you to the removals professionals that will save you time, stress and cash resources. 

Larger commercial moves can be very complex and require a full on-site survey to ensure everything is dismantled and disconnected properly. This may include careful recordings of the layout and locations of the equipment in relation to their connections. They will also take careful notes of the crates and packaging your equipment you will need for safely moving files, IT and equipment.

Rest easy that your relocation and the data you must transport will be in the hands of capable professionals. But, accidents can happen, this is why we provide removals options from professionals with flexible insurance plans and liability coverage.

Finally, we offer the full range of waste disposal services that adhere to WEEE Standards. Furthermore, the companies we include in our listings are certified by BAR, the IAM and AIM.


The commercial insurance amounts can be adjusted to fit the needs of the move. This goes the same for very large and small moves. You can get more information from the coordinator who will be handling your project.

It is hard to give a single one-size-fits-all price tag to the great variety of office relocation costs. All factors must be brought into consideration. A full scale office move that includes extensive files furniture and equipment can cost as much as £100 per working station. But, this is a very generic number and can be increased or decreased according to many factors.

Professional removals services can dismantle, lift and carry just about anything. So long as it can be removed through the entry or exit points, there will be a way to transport it to your new location. With many years of experience these removals companies have the knowledge to deal with all kinds of devices and equipment.

Office Removal Tips

It is a good idea to take the time to carefully wrap and pack your IT equipment to ensure the safety and security of the data. Make sure that you gently disconnect all cables and connections and wrap them in anti-static bubble wrap before placing them in your crate.

Once you fully understand the needs in a relocation professional, it will be important to consider the funds you have left to invest in this project. You will need to consider what is most important in your relocation project and make a plan to get everything you need without breaking the bank.

It is essential to the success of your project that you allow plenty of time to discuss various aspects of your relocation with key members of your crew. Two of the most important figures to speak with will be the head of the HR and IT department. The head HR department will help you hammer out a clear plan to pull off the relocation and organise the tasks. The head of the IT department will need to get everything back online once the relocation is complete.

You might find it cheaper to move your office inventory to a storage unit while you are waiting for the relocation experts during a very short-notice move. Your inventory will be safe and supervised and you will be able to make the move one step at a time. You may find that renting a storage unit for a couple weeks is cheaper than renting your office space for a whole other month.