Shipping To Malaysia

RemovalsTo.UK.Com offer a weekly removals and shipping service to Malaysia for commercial and private individuals. We also offer removals and shipping from Malaysia to the UK. Part load or full load services as well as door to door excess baggage services to Malaysia. Storage can also be arranged in the UK or Malaysia.

Planning Your Move To Malaysia

Our international removals team will asist in planning your relocation to Malaysia with military precision and supply and help with the completion of all relevant customs documents. We allocate a personal move co-ordinator to every client who will help plan a full itinary of your relocation based on your specific requirements and keep in regular communication at each step of your removal.
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Free Pre Move Survey

RemovalsTo.UK.Com offer a free pre move survey scheduled at a time and date convenient to yourself. One of our International removals consultant’s can visit your residence to accurately assess the volume of your personal effects. They will also offer advice on packing services and can check the access for our vehicle and take note of any items that require specialist care like case making. We are also more than happy to take 2 list’s of items in case there are items you are unsure of taking.

Our Partner Removals Company In Malaysia

Our dedicated agents in Malaysia will ensure that all the relevant paperwork and customs clearance is processed in the correct fashion and arrange the unloading, unpacking and setting up of your household goods to your satisfaction which also includes the removal of any used packing materials.

Shipping To Malaysia Transit Time

Transit time to Malaysia is normally between 6-8 weeks depending on sole use or shared container, we offer express solutions via airfreight for essential items if required.

Contact us for your free removals to Brazil quotation, or Book a pre-move survey Tel: 0800 .

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Malaysia is a country that is renowned for its diverse culture, suitable climate, wonderful topology and warm people. It’s a country like no other and one cannot help but wish to stay around here to get a picture of its awe-inspiring tranquility.

Malaysia-Glimpses of the Culture

The country boasts of a healthy mix of various tribes such as the Indians, the Chinese and the dominant Malay people. Islam is the most common religion around here and it’s deeply rooted across Malaysia.

Though external influences have substantially affected the modern day culture of the people around here, one can still get a glimpse of the traditional Malay culture in the villages.

The Chinese culture is a force to reckon with when it comes to present day Malaysian cultural setting. Due to their strong historical ties with Malaysia, the Chinese have played quite a significant role in the shaping of the Malaysian culture in terms of language, type of food and to some extent the mode of dressing.

The Indian culture also plays a significant role in the Malaysian blend of culture. Entering the country from the west; native Indian speakers’ have- since time immemorial- interacted with the native Malaysian people thus making their culture quite dominant around this area up to today.


This amazing country is located in the South eastern side of Asia. It is made up of two major parts namely: Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia. The former is located to the south of Thailand whereas the latter is found on the island of Borneo neighboring Indonesia.

With its seat of power in Kuala Lumpur-a metropolis with almost 2 million inhabitants, Malaysia has three neighbors i.e Thailand to the north, Singapore in the south and Indonesia in the southern and western sides. The country has numerous rivers and streams with the hugest of them all being the mighty Rajang River.

The western part of Malaysia mainly consists of mudflats and mangrove swamps though a substantial part of the land has been cleared for cultivation. The west side houses some of the world’s most beautiful beaches that are backed by dense jungle.

Malaysia is renowned for its huge number of islands. Anyone visiting this place for scuba diving, swimming, boat riding will ultimately get more than their fill.


Malaysia enjoys hot and humid weather throughout the year. Lying squarely on the equator, the country enjoys adequate sunshine throughout the year with an average of 250 centimeters of rain annually.

On average, the country’s average temperature is 27 degrees centigrade. The climate on the Peninsular is mainly affected by the winds from the mainland. The Eastern wing’s climate is predominantly maritime.

The country experiences the El Nino effect which is known to lead to a reduction in levels of rain and onset of dry spells.

The country features coastal regions, lowlands and highlands. The area with the highest amounts of rainfall is Kota, Kelantan-about 608 mm in a single day. Chuping, Peris is the driest part of Malaysia.

There are numerous facts to know about Malaysia. What we’ve discussed here is just but a small portion out of a huge chunk of information.