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Removals Finder offer a weekly removals and shipping service to Japan for commercial and private individuals. We also offer removals and shipping from Japan to the UK. Part load or full load services as well as door to door excess baggage services to Japan. Storage can also be arranged in the UK or Japan.

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Further Information on Moving to Japan

Japan is known as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Filled with mystery, history and culture, Japan manages to attract tens of thousands of visitors on a yearly basis. In addition to the numerous attraction spots, the country also has several welcoming festivals (Nebuta Matsuri, Sanno Matsuri or Narita Gion Matsuri) that attract tourists like a magnet. Here you will find detailed information about Japan: its geography, climate and information about the country’s lifestyle and culture.

A Closer Look At Japan’s Position

The country is positioned in the North Pacific, and its surface measures no less than 377,873 square meters. Moreover, the country also has no less than 4,000 islands – most of them are quite small and they are placed around the well-known Ring of Fire (where numerous volcanic eruptions and earthquakes take place on a regular basis) . As a matter of fact, no less than 2,000 earthquakes take place every year in this particular area.
When it comes to islands, it must be said that the biggest and most important island in Japan is Honshu. However, it is not its size (almost half of the country) that makes Honshu so popular, but the fact that it hosts the biggest city in Japan, and one of the largest in the world – Tokyo. Tokyo, which is also the capital city, has a population of over 12,000,000 people.

The Climate

With regards to the land, it must be mentioned that Japan is approximately 2/3 mountainous terrain, and the cities are extremely populated. On the other hand, the climate of Japan varies greatly from one country to another. Summer is extremely hot until June, when the rainy season starts and lasts for around 30 days; spring and autumn have mild, pleasant temperatures while the cold season is known for extremely low temperatures.

Japanese Culture

There are several aspects which define the Japanese culture and lifestyle, from cuisine (and the popular Sushi) and architecture to the well-known Japanese gardens which can be found all around the world.
The culture of Japan has evolved very much over the past 6-7 centuries. As a matter of fact, Japan is considered to have a multinational culture, with influences from Europe and even North America – even so, the Asian influences are still extremely strong. Until the 16th century when The Black Ships arrived and the Portuguese initiated the first contacts, Japan was simply isolated from the rest of the world, and back then the country had a strong Asian culture.

Japanese is the official language, and it uses four different writing systems: Romaji, Katakana, Hiragana and Kanji. Even so, most Japanese people can speak English, as this is part of the country’s educational system. Also, there are strong influences coming mainly from English and Chinese.
Religion is a very important part of the Japanese culture, and there are two important religions in this country: Buddhism (which is believed to be the most popular) and Shinto. Christianity is another religion that can be found in Japan, but under 1% of the people here are Christians.

To sum up, this is what you need to know with regards to the beautiful country of Japan. It is a country that has a lot to offer, it has a strong culture and history and it has great travelling potential.

Transit time to Japan is normally between 6-8 weeks depending on sole use or shared container, we offer express solutions via airfreight for essential items if required.

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