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Removals Finder offer a weekly removals and shipping service to New Zealand for commercial and private individuals. We also offer removals and shipping from New Zealand to the UK. Part load or full load services as well as door to door excess baggage services to New Zealand. Storage can also be arranged in the UK or New Zealand.

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Our international removals team will assist in planning your relocation to New Zealand with military precision and supply and help with the completion of all relevant customs documents. We allocate a personal move co-ordinator to every client who will help plan a full itinerary of your relocation based on your specific requirements and keep in regular communication at each step of your removal.

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Further Information on Moving to Zealand

New Zealand is a small country comprised of two main islands and a bunch of smaller ones that is located about 900 miles east of Australia. It still remains one of the best kept secrets in the world. The mountains and valleys are absolutely stunning, and while it has become somewhat of a popular tourist destination, it should be one of the most visited places on earth. Middle Earth beckons and the welcoming Māori culture seems to be there to make sure you have a great time.

New Zealand Culture and Lifestyle

Much of the culture in New Zealand is based on the traditions and ways of the Māori. One of the last large landmasses to be inhabited by humans, Polynesians from the east came there around the end of the 14th century. These are the people that developed the culture seen among the Māori today over the next several centuries. When the Europeans invaded in the middle of the 19th century much of the Māori died due to disease and enslavement, and the last true Moriori died in the early 1930s, but the culture definitely lives on in every corner of the islands of New Zealand.

While almost everyone now lives in urban areas due to the ready availability of higher education and the proliferation of British New Zealanders, most of the books, movies and art is still influenced by tradition and the Māori culture. In fact, recently there has been a newfound interest in Māori art and artists. Writing and entertainment is also influenced by New Zealand’s roots, although the music there is a combination of many different styles including jazz, country, rock, hip-hop, and the blues.

There are more and more artists recording Māori music, which was originally brought with the early settlers from Polynesia. Many people describe this music as sad, haunting, yet somehow inspirational. Sports is also a big part of the culture of New Zealand. The only traditional sports, not surprisingly, are mountain climbing and other outdoor ventures. The rest of the popular sports have been borrowed from the British and Europeans, such as rugby, golf, cricket, and soccer. Rugby is the most popular sport to watch.

New Zealand Demographics

There are around 4 and a half million people in New Zealand. Most of the population lives in the urban parts of the country, and the four largest cities hold over half the people there. The quality of living on the islands is very high compared to the rest of the world. Because the birthrate is high and the infant mortality rate is low, the population is very young compared to a lot of other comparable countries. At this point the country is dominated by Europeans, who make up almost 70 percent of the people there. Around 15 percent call themselves Māori. New Zealanders in general call themselves Kiwi.

Climate and Geography

New Zealand is very long and narrow, measuring almost 1,000 miles in length and 400 miles wide. There are mountains, the largest of which reaches heights of over 12,000 feet. The South Island also features a glacier in the deep valleys there. The North Island doesn’t have as many mountains, but the ones they do have are very volcanic, mostly located in the volcanic plateau called the Taupo volcanic zone.

The weather in New Zealand is pleasant all year round, with average temperatures in the 50s in the south and in the 60s in the north. Most people would consider all of New Zealand rainy, although there are areas, especially in the western part of the South Island that are drier than others. People are surprised by how perfect the weather is and how beautiful the beaches are all over the islands.

New Zealand is a hidden gem in the world that is slowly becoming one of the must-visit places for tourists all over the world. The quirky nature of the people makes for a very entertaining visit. After all, this is the country that invented zorbing and bungee jumping. If you ever happen to get to New Zealand, you should try to take part in both of these activities.

Transit time to New Zealand is normally between 6-8 weeks depending on sole use or shared container, we offer express solutions via airfreight for essential items if required.

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