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Removals Finder offer a weekly removals and shipping service to Egypt for commercial and private individuals. We also offer removals and shipping from Egypt to the UK. Part load or full load services as well as door to door excess baggage services to Egypt. Storage can also be arranged in the UK or Egypt.

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Our international removals team will assist in planning your relocation to Egypt with military precision and supply and help with the completion of all relevant customs documents. We allocate a personal move co-ordinator to every client who will help plan a full itinerary of your relocation based on your specific requirements and keep in regular communication at each step of your removal.

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Further Information on Moving to Egypt

Egypt is one of the most populated countries in the world, with over 82 million people residing there. It has a rich history and thousands of monuments and ruins spread all over the country, creating a tourism industry that’s one of the most profitable in the world.

Egyptian Culture and Lifestyle

Egypt has a culture like no other place on earth. This is mainly because it has had over 6,000 years to develop, being the earliest culture ever to record its history. Their early culture influenced every other developing culture and religion in the region, including those of the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. To this day Egypt is still the cultural leader among the Arab world, affecting everything in these other countries from media to politics.

The lifestyle in Egypt is to this day based on their rich history and traditions, but has become more modern over the last century. The political trend, until recently, has focused more on individual freedom and democracy. Even the media control by the government has been loosened, spawning television programs that are no longer afraid to criticize the government. Religion is a big part of life in Egypt as well, with around 85 to 90 percent of Egyptians identifying themselves as Muslim. While religion is a big factor in day-to-day life, the rise in individual rights and freedoms has created a more Western lifestyle in Egypt. While many traditionalists complain about this, it looks as though these new ideas are here to stay.

Egyptian Climate

Egypt has a very diverse climate, but for the most part the only rain the country sees is during the cold months. The only place in the country that ever sees snow is the Sinai Mountains and surrounding areas. In general Egypt is a very dry country that reaches lows of 55 degrees in the winter and highs of up to 110 degrees in the summer. Many experts fear for Egypt if global climate change results in rising sea levels, as much of Egypt’s population is concentrated on the coast.

Egyptian Geography

Egypt sprawls over almost 400,000 square miles, making it the 30th on the list of largest countries in the world. Because of the climate, almost all of the population of Egypt is centered around the coastal areas or the Nile Valley and Delta. Almost all of Egypt is a desert, containing parts of the Sahara and Libyan deserts, with strong winds creating huge sand dunes all over these parts of the country. These areas are very difficult to live in and thus almost no one makes their home there. The largest city in Egypt is Cairo, which is also the capital. It’s importance in politics in the region and world is attributed to where it is located and the fact that it has a land bridge that extends from Africa to Asia in the Northeastern corner of the country.

Egypt is an amazing country with a rich culture and history. Its monuments are known for their beauty and power all over the world. The country will definitely continue to thrive and grow as it faces a bright future.

Transit time to Egypt is normally between 6-8 weeks depending on sole use or shared container, we offer express solutions via airfreight for essential items if required.

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