Shipping To Madeira

RemovalsTo.UK.Com offer a weekly removals and shipping service to Madeira for commercial and private individuals. We also offer removals and shipping from Madeira to the UK. Part load or full load services as well as door to door excess baggage services to Madeira. Storage can also be arranged in the UK or Madeira.

Planning Your Move To Madeira

Our international removals team will asist in planning your relocation to Madeira with military precision and supply and help with the completion of all relevant customs documents. We allocate a personal move co-ordinator to every client who will help plan a full itinary of your relocation based on your specific requirements and keep in regular communication at each step of your removal.
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Free Pre Move Survey

RemovalsTo.UK.Com offer a free pre move survey scheduled at a time and date convenient to yourself. One of our International removals consultant’s can visit your residence to accurately assess the volume of your personal effects. They will also offer advice on packing services and can check the access for our vehicle and take note of any items that require specialist care like case making. We are also more than happy to take 2 list’s of items in case there are items you are unsure of taking.

Our Partner Removals Company In Madeira

Our dedicated agents in Madeira will ensure that all the relevant paperwork and customs clearance is processed in the correct fashion and arrange the unloading, unpacking and setting up of your household goods to your satisfaction which also includes the removal of any used packing materials.

Shipping To Madeira Transit Time

Transit time to Madeira is normally between 6-8 weeks depending on sole use or shared container, we offer express solutions via airfreight for essential items if required.

Contact us for your free removals to Madeira quotation, or Book a pre-move survey Tel: 0800 .

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Portugal is a fascinating country that is remarkable for its rich culture and breathtaking sceneries. It also cradles one of the world’s notable tropical archipelagos, Portugal’s Floating Garden–the Madeira archipelago.

Discovery Of Madeira

Accounted history for this archipelago points out that its discovery is merely an accident rather than a purposeful one. History shows that two Portuguese captains initially discovered the island of Porto Santo, sometime in 1418.

Aiming to further explore the island, these two captains headed to southwest of Porto Santo, and eventually unravelled the beauty of the floating island of Madeira, thus the name “Floating Garden”.

Location Of Madeira

Madeira is considered as the biggest and most progressive among the four archipelagos of Portugal, other archipelagos being Porto Santo, Selvagens and Desertas. This archipelago lies on the coast of Portugal, 750 miles southwest of Lisbon, to be exact.

Finding the exact location of Madeira can be a little intimidating, considering that mid-Atlantic area has not been of great interest for most people. Basically, Lisbon is considered as the key landmark for accurately locating this Portuguese archipelago.

Demographics, Dialect and Economic Status

As of the moment, Madeira has over 270,000 inhabitants, having 50% of this population in its capital, Funchal. Majority of the locals are utilizing the Portuguese dialect, although most of them have basic knowledge on using the Standard English language.

Far from being overpopulated, this Floating Garden was able to maintain its rich culture and pass it on through other generations. It actually helped in preserving the genuine richness of the archipelago, thus making it a popular destination for tourists from different parts of the world.

Every year, thousands of tourists visit this beautiful tropical island. In 1999 alone, statistics for tourists maxed up to 700,000. Because of this, tourism became the main source of income of the island, along with fishing, agriculture and wine making.


Among all the archipelagos in Atlantic, Madeira is noted to have the most favourable climate, having near perfect climate condition. Being a tropical country, it is expected that this island has extremely hot summers. As for winter, the island offers a mild, not too cold climate. Significantly, the seas of the island have stable and pleasing water temperature, making it perfectly accessible all throughout the year.

The Locals

Generally, Madeirenses are quite notable for being God-fearing community, primarily because of their strong commitment to their religion, the Roman Catholic. They love to profess their faith, mostly through festivals and parties.

Medieval Madeirenses are known to be great agricultural workers, and this was passed on to every generation. That gives light as to why agriculture is one of the main sources of living in the archipelago. Significantly, locals are known to be hospitable and very welcoming, especially to tourists, justifying the continuous progression of tourism in the archipelago.

Evidently, Madeira possesses great potential for both locals and tourists with its wonderful surroundings and appealing locals, not to mention its excellent political and economical stability. If you are by chance looking for a place to spend a fun and exciting vacation, or just a relaxing time to unwind and free yourself from life’s stresses, Madeira is definitely the place for you.