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Removals Finder offer weekly removals & Shipping to Australia for individuals, businesses and families. We have long been a leading provider of shipping services to all Australian destinations and have successfully completed thousands of international removals. With over 70 years trading experience you can rest assured your removals to Australia will be handled with total professionalism from door to door.

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Simple !! Attention to every minute detail, fantastic rates as well as delivering our promises.

Our relocation team from the office to the crews on the ground are highly trained and extremely friendly. We offer tailor made solutions for your removals to Australia that guarantee to meet any time or budget requirement’s. Airfreight to ensure any essential documents reach Australia swiftly, and a full door to door excess baggage service for clients only sending a few items.

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Further Information on Moving to Australia

Australia is a land of contrasts and diversity. Its landscape ranges from desert and bushland in the central areas, to rainforest in the North, to snowfields in the South East. Australia is still one of the favourite choices with those seeking a new, better, happier and more enjoyable life abroad. 

So popular is Australia proving to be with Britons desperate to escape the immigration policy, climate and economic woes in the UK that apparently 1 in 10 people living in Brisbane is now of British origin

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We appoint every client a highly experienced relocation co-ordinator who will be on hand at every stage of your removal and offer advice and assistance from start to finish. Our co-ordinators are highly experienced in all aspects of international removals to Australia and will oversee all customs forms and formalities to make the whole process as stress free as possible.

Free Estimates For Your Removals To Australia

Our International removal consultant will visit your home prior to your removals to Australia ( we advise 3-6 months prior to your anticipated date of move ) to complete a full pre move survey. Details such as access, packing, time constraints and items that require specailist care will all be taken into consideration. You will also be offered expert advice on the best mode of shipment for your removals to Australia depending on the volume assesed. We are also happy to complete more than 1 list of effects to be relocated to Australia should you wish to see a comparison in prices between items your are taking and items you may or may not wish to take to Australia. At all times you will only pay for the space your household effects occupy in the shipping container. Shipping to all Australian destinations including Sydney

When your shipment arrives in Australia we will arrange for your personal effects/household effects to be customs cleared . To assist with your customs clearance you will be required to complete an unaccompanied effects statement which is a Australian customs form B534, this can be completed in the UK before your departure or in Australia. If your goods are arriving into Australia before you do, you can nominate a your family member or a friend in Australia to act on your behalf. In this scenario you must complete the Australian customs form B534 yourself before you depart the UK. You will also be required to present the following information to Australian Customs.

VISA (Photocopy),
Passport (Photocopy for Proof of identity),
Inventory, of Items ( completed by our crew at UK address )
Australian Customs B534

The estimated time of arrival for full containers is 6-8 weeks and 8-12 weeks for a shared container service to Australia. Once your shipping container has been loaded it is secured,sealed and transported to the UK port ready for loading onto the vessel for shipment to Australia.

Australia is a popular destination among holiday makers and immigrants alike. The country is well known for its warm climate, traditional outback landscape, and relaxed lifestyle, but there is much more to Australia than many people realize.

The Australian Lifestyle

Migrants from hundreds of different nationalities have settled in Australia throughout the country’s modern history, meaning that influences on lifestyle, art, food, language, religion, and tradition are very diverse. The areas original aboriginal population also continues to have an important impact on society. Australia is perhaps best known for its laidback lifestyle and friendly inhabitants, however, with a diverse population and long history, the country offers plenty more to discover.

An Outdoor Orientated Lifestyle

The majority of Australian’s live in capital cities along the coast where the warm weather and seaside setting have an effect on the lifestyle of the local population. Spending many hours a day outside on the beach, in parks, or at local outdoor facilities is common.

A Strong Sporting Culture

Australia has a strong sporting culture, and the country is a world leading nation in a number of sports including cricket, football, and athletics. Exercise levels are very high among the general population, with the majority of Australians taking part in physical activity at least once a week. Walking, swimming, tennis, netball, and cycling are among the country’s most popular sports. Sailing and horse riding are also popular leisure pursuits.

Australia’s National Cuisine

The food in Australia is strongly influenced by the cuisine of both European and Asian settlers. Seafood is particularly popular because of the area’s plentiful coastal access, including barramundi fish, ‘banana’ prawns, oysters, and shellfish (locally known as Moreton Bay Bugs). In many restaurants local ‘bush tucker’ of emu, crocodile, kangaroo, and buffalo may also be served.

The Geography of Australia

Australia is a country of amazing natural beauty. As the sixth largest country on earth, it is unsurprising that there are a wide range of geographic environments. The vast majority of Australia is made up desert land (or outback) which is flat, dry, and extensive. However, coastal regions are more diverse. Thriving ski tourism exists near the county’s south-east coast where there are several snow-capped mountain ranges. Along the eastern and northern coasts there are also temperate and tropical forests.

The Australian Climate

In Australia the climate varies widely depending on geographic surroundings. While the majority of the country is desert or semi-arid, most inhabited areas are near the coast where conditions are temperate with more seasonal weather and slightly heavier rainfall. However, temperatures in the country, even at the coast, remain quite warm and dry for most of the year. Heavy thunderstorms are also common across the desert, and there is snow fall on the mountains in Victoria, Tasmania, and New South Wales.

Australia is a popular destination for people seeking employment opportunities and a better quality of life. The country’s attractive weather conditions and relaxed atmosphere are just a few of the reasons for this, along with the thriving economy which was relatively unaffected by the economic downturn in Europe and America.

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