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Removals Finder offer a Daily Removal Service to all regions in France. We have been moving individuals, familes & Businesses successfully for over 20 years. As we are long established in the French removal market we are lucky enough to have a steady volume of removals to and from the UK and France, Therefore we do not have to wait to consolidate loads. This enables us to be able to offer a scheduled part load removal service to France. Our staff will be able to inform you well in advance of available collection and delivery dates for the relocation of your personal effects.

Collection from anywhere in the England, Wales, Scotland & Ireland, WE DO NOT SUB-CONTRACT OUR WORK TO ANY OTHER REMOVAL COMPANY!!

Delivery Services to France

Our company offers a full range of services to assist you with your relocation to France and gives the option of customising a removal solution that fits your exact requirements taking into account such factors as budget, size of the removal job at hand and time restraints.

Part Load Removal Service to France –

For just a few item of furniture and personal effects our part load service is the perfect answer, this service consists of your effects being packed (if required) and removed from your current residence, and taken to your new home abroad with other customers effects on the vehicle all sharing the transportation costs (see diagram below). This service is one of the most popular due to the low cost, but the Part Load Service requires you to be flexible with your dates for collection and delivery. Prices given are based on when we have a vehicle passing your post code area of residence. Please advise us of your dates and we will endeavour to meet them on a part load service

Part Load Services

Full Load / Dedicated Removal Service to France –

Our dedicated load/Express service consists of your effects being packed (if required) and removed from your current residence, and taken directly to your new home abroad with no other customers furniture on the vehicle. Wherever possible we utilise the same relocation operatives who loaded the vehicle to unload and unpack at destination. Our dedicated load\express service is only limited by the confines of driving (Tachograph Laws) and your sale\purchase dates.

Many Individuals, families and businesses move to France on a weekly basis from the UK and require help from a removal Company. You should always consider and investigate if the removal company you have chosen are able to collect and deliver your goods in their ownCompany lorry? If they use or sub-contract another company to collect your items, 9 times out 10 this mean your items will be handled , loaded & Unloaded a number of times, which will increase the chances of damage and then you may have a problems when it comes to make a claim against the damage items.

There are many Expat forums on the internet dedicated for people living in FranceMoving to France, these websites offer a great deal of help and advice on Moving from UK to France , most importantly you can have discussions with people who have had experience with UK Removal Companies to France.

Here are just a few of the top websites:

http://www.expatforum.com/expats/france-expat-forum-expats-living-france/pon request




Removals Finder have many Testimonials from previous happy clients who have Moved to France just ask for these upon request, our team of staff are more than happy to assist you with any concerns you may have .

We provide full assistance with customs paperwork and clearance for European countries outside the EU.

For an instant quotation simply complete our online quotation form or alternatively email info@removalsfinder.com or call free 020 8016 3443 for instant advice or information.