Why We’re Different From Other Removal Companies


If you live in Chatham, Rochester, Gillingham or any other town or city close by and are looking for a removal company North Kent has an abundance to choose from. So, in an effort to show you why we stick out from them – and therefore why you should use Removals Finder next time you move – we thought we’d share three points that quite simply make us better than the rest!


We have absolutely loads of experience when it comes to removals, whether this is moving you down the road or to a completely different country. The company was founded 26 years ago and over that time has helped thousands of happy people to relocate. Aside from the company having experience, we also ensure that our staff are experienced and know how to deal with every situation. We are not a fly by night company that’s only opened its doors in the last few months…

Range of Services

We aren’t just a removals company – we offer a huge range of other services to those looking for a removal company in North Kent. For example, did you know we are expert piano movers? Or did you know that we are extremely experienced in both car and small boat transportation? We even have clients who use us to transport their items when attending large exhibitions, as they know that our experience and skill will ensure that the items get there on time and in one piece.


We always strive to produce accurate, fair quotes for every single customer. You won’t ever find any hidden charges on your bill, and we will always be completely honest with you from the beginning about prices. You can get an online quote right now if desired, or contact us 020 8016 3443 to get a more personal touch!