When it comes to housing the huge amounts of people looking to move in or around London, it seems that Kent has been pinpointed as the ideal location.

Moving-London to-Kent
Moving from London to Kent

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, has been informed that the overspill could be managed by the building of a staggering 215,000 new homes in the county, mainly spread over Canterbury, Medway, Thanet and Dover.

When it comes to property news Kent residents probably didn’t want to hear this, however some local council officials are warning that development is inevitable and that current residents should simply accept it. Of course, we should expect the same kind of demonstrations and public outcry that happens every time a major new development is started though.

Of all the areas in Kent, it seems that Canterbury will be affected the most, with some experts estimating that housing will increase by 50% in the city – a huge figure by anyone’s standards. There’s no doubting that these new homes in Canterbury will be snapped up quickly though, as it is one of the county’s most desirable places to live. Homes prices in Canterbury will probably reflect this demand though, meaning that those looking for more affordable housing will probably need to look towards the new developments in Dover and Thanet instead.

But what does this mean for prospective home buyers in Kent? Well, it can really only be a good thing. Kent is one of the most desirable areas in the country and therefore prices are generally high. By increasing the supply of homes, these prices can only drop – making more people able to move to this part of the country. And if you decide to make the move to Kent, don’t forget to give Removals Finder a call, so that we can help with all your removals needs!