removals Maistone medway Kent
removals Maistone medway Kent
Moving to Maidstone Kent
Moving to Maidstone Kent

Moving to Maidstone Kent isn’t always peoples’ first choice. After all, for many it doesn’t have the best of reputations – a town of new buildings and ring roads –but when these people scratch under the surface they find a place that is bursting with potential, a place that many different types of people find an attractive prospect to move to.



Below you’ll find the four main reasons why we think that moving to Maidstone Kent is a great choice for anyone to make…

Maidstone is Close to London

While some might not agree, the fact is that a huge amount of people work in London, therefore a place’s proximity to the capital is very important. Maidstone sits on the junction of four different motorways, with one of these being the M25, the road that provides quick access to London by car. What’s more, these motorways also allow access to Dover with an hour. Train services are absolutely great too, with a train into St Pancras taking just 50 minutes from start to finish, while getting to London Victoria takes just over an hour. For commuters, Maidstone really is a top choice.

House Prices in Maidstone

It really is amazing that somewhere just an hour from London can offer such affordable prices. Cities with the same distance from the capital – places like Chelmsford and Oxford – have house prices that far outstrip those of Maidstone. For example, a semi-detached can be found for as little as £200,000 here, while there are loads of flats with prices of less than £80,000. Of course, for those looking for something a little fancier, Maidstone also boasts some more expensive places, with some detached houses reaching close to £1 million in value.

Maidstone A Great Place for Kids

More and more people are moving to Maidstone Kent because of their kids. This is because the schools in Maidstone are consistently ranked as “outstanding” by Ofsted, plus Kent still has grammar schools for more gifted children. And when kids grow up and want to go to university? Maidstone is close to all the universities in London, plus Canterbury also has two well-regarded universities as well. Kids will also love the range of different things to do, from preschools through to entertainment for older kids, such as the cinema and the leisure centre.

Beautiful Countryside in Maidstone

Maidstone has the fortune to be located right in the Kent Downs, which stretch all the way from Medway to the White Cliffs of Dover. The Kent Downs is officially an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and forms a part of the North Downs. If it is a countryside life you are after – but one that still offers great amenities and connections – then moving to one of the rural areas just outside of Maidstone could be the perfect choice for you.

So, could moving to Maidstone Kent be the best choice for you? If you do decide to move to this part of the country, why not give Removals Finder a call to help with all your removals needs?