If you live in London and want to move elsewhere in England, you can’t get much further away than Northumberland.


It’s a pretty drastic move and one that takes a lot of planning, however it is also a move that many people are making, every single year. But why are they making the move from London to Northumberland? We give three good reasons below…

A Different Pace of Life

While London is hectic, busy and always on the go, Northumberland is completely different. The vast expanses of countryside are almost like wildernesses, and you can easily go for hours without seeing another person. If you want to relax and start spending some time on your own, the villages of Northumberland are the perfect choice. If you do need to get some supplies though, there are plenty of places to stock up, such as larger towns like Morpeth and Prudhoe.

Property Prices

Property prices in Northumberland are massively lower than those in London. To put this in perspective, you could sell your two bedroom terraced house in Camden for upwards of £500,000, and buy yourself a huge detached 5 bedroom property in Northumberland. This means that Northumberland is great for those with big families, or who want to stop living in more cramped conditions. Of course, it is down to personal preference whether you want to trade the convenience of London for this…

Beautiful Scenery

There’s no doubting that Northumberland is one of the most beautiful counties in England, with pristine coasts and stunning areas of beauty further inland. There’s also no doubting that London is not particularly attractive in most places, and certainly doesn’t have the magnificent vistas boasted by Northumberland. So, those with a desire to live in one of England’s natural gems should definitely have Northumberland at the top of their list!

Removal Company from London to Northumberland

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