Why exactly are people choosing to head away from London, and everything it offers, and relocate to Birmingham?

Moving to birmingham
Moving to birmingham


When the words “London” and “moving house” are put together in a sentence, it is generally assumed that it will talk of people moving to the capital, not away from it. But over the past few years more and more people are making the move from the capital to the UK’s second city. But why exactly are people choosing to head away from London, and everything it offers, and relocate to Birmingham?  Below we’ll give you the three main reasons…


House Prices

We all know that house prices in London are massive, and this prohibits many people from ever owning their own property in the city. Birmingham, on the other hand, still offers loads of homes at really reasonable prices. At the end of 2014, the average house price in London was over £400,000, while in Birmingham it was just £133,000 – that’s a difference of over £250,000! Of course, central Birmingham has its fair share of expensive properties too, so you won’t necessarily be able to afford everywhere in the city…



It used to be the case that Birmingham was sneered at – a city devoid of any character, associated with the gloom of industry. This is most definitely no longer the case. Over the last decade, millions has been ploughed into the city, making it a vibrant place full of things to do for everyone. From museums through to nightlife, Birmingham now rivals any other city in the country when it comes to ways to enjoy yourself. It’s also a massively multicultural city, full of different nationalities and beliefs.


Change of Scene

Believe it or not, many people are simply tired of living in London. They see moving to Birmingham from London as a way to escape the rat-race and live somewhere that isn’t constantly over-crowded and that never sleeps. Birmingham – while still being a pretty big place – offers a slightly more relaxed pace of life, perfect for bringing up a family or retiring to in peace.


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