Living in France is many people’s dream. To live a simple life in a small French village, or a cosmopolitan life in one of its many cities, France certainly has a lifestyle to fit many. From walking to and from the local baker with baguettes and croissants, or walking to a chic cafe for morning coffee, there is an element of France that will appeal to all.

Before embarking on your plans to move to France, there are a number of issues to be aware of. The first concerns healthcare. Although you will be covered for up to two years based on the NHS, between years two and five, you will need to purchase health insurance because the French government will not cover that. However, if you work, or once you have been resident for five or more years, then you will be covered by the state again.

You should also be aware of how the taxation system works, as it is different to the UK. Furthermore, there are two taxes payable on property, but both are significantly less than property taxes in the UK in comparable areas. One, however, is based on income.

Once you have sorted out and understand what you need to do regarding setting yourself up in France, what is left is the exciting part, where you are going to live and what lifestyle you are going to lead. Will you opt for a bigger home with land based rurally? Will a simple home in the centre of a village suffice? Or do you want town or city living in sophistication? France really can offer a lot.

If you are going to need to earn a living in France, then you will need to speak French very well. It is tough getting work out there, but if you are not choosy, or have an in demand skill, then you could be alright.

Integrating with the French is of vital importance. The French love their language, but even if you aren’t very good at it, the very fact that you try to communicate with your community will go a long way. There will be times where you don’t understand a word, and there will be times they could make fun out of you to your face, but in language you don’t understand, but if you go in with a light attitude and laugh along with them, you’ll do well. A great many friendships have started out this way.

Experience the food, taste the wine, and always be seen as trying to become more French (even though you never will be), and your personal success will be great. Although it’s great to have English friends around the area too, try not to focus on these friendships solely, because you will end up isolating yourself from the French. And after all, isn’t the reason you are looking at living in France is to experience the country, the culture and the people?

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Living in France is a wonderful opportunity, and if you do your homework properly, you can end up leading a fulfilling life geared away from the rat race, and into a wonderful lifestyle.

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